Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Out Of My Flannel Nightgown and Into the Real World

Since I now work from home, and live out in the country, no less, that makes it easy to isolate myself socially and stay in my nightgown all day while the kids are gone. I mean, who's going to see me, right? But I know that kind of attitude isn't healthy so I've been trying to make some changes to make for a more healthy lifestyle.

For starters I'm signing up for some specific volunteering activities, including working for the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley.  I'm also goint to sign my Great Pyrenees dog Leo up to train to be a therapy dog with Human Animal Bond in Tennessee.  I think he'd do a fantastic job in this role.

Here are J and Leo hamging out a week or two ago. Leo's just crazy about J and vice versa.

I am also considering starting to work as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels. I'm meeting with the orientation director either tomorrow or next week to discuss the program and find out whether it's a good match for me and that I have something to offer for their needs. 

I also MUST get out and exercise more often. For a while I was riding my bike regularly and was attempting the Couch to 5K program. At another point, I joined a gym. In each case I gave up and became sedentary again. I am now the heaviest I've ever been (weight-wise) in my life, and I hate it. I also know that with the big 50 coming up next year I simply have to take better care of my body or end up with the consequences in the second part of my life. Leo also really needs exercise so the best and easiest way for me to meet his needs and mine is to walk him 5 miles every day or two and so that's my new resolution: starting today (unless it rains, which it very well may do, apparently) I will begin walking Leo for an hour daily. I'd love it if some of you want to hold me accountable in the comments below. Also, I'd love to hear how you went from a pretty sedentary life to one that incorporates exercise into it.


  1. I'm on low-carb and doing great. I want to add physical exercise soon.

    By the way, I love your new posts!

  2. Jim and I are starting this as soon as we get back from Florida. If you want to try it, Ill order the book for you.

  3. You might want to start out with shoerter walks, like 20 minutes and the increase your duration, so you won't get discouraged. Also a low carb diet will definitely help with weightloss. There are numerous low carb groups on FB to help you get started.

  4. Walks are good for you, but not likely to give you weight gain. Exercising the weight off takes a lot of sweat and pain in my experience. You gotta cut down on the food. Cut your eating amounts by half and then half again. Ask your doctor if you can do a fasting weekend with some liquid sustenance only to give the diet a boost. Weight Watchers is a great group to join, IMO. You have to cut down A LOT in eating to lose weight.